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lirik lagu clark – kid valiant


… and so i said, “i’ve got some time to waste and i’m just running through my mind.”
although, the city looks so picturesque tonight, something has gone wrong.
but i’m alright.

just turn it up now and i will be running right behind to turn you down.
when you told me you were staying around, i believed you.

something in my mind just told me that you should forget about me, and i will forget about you.
no, i think i’ll just stay consistent. i’ve never really been wrong before.
i know that i will not forget you, and if you are trying, you will do the same.
no, i will stay my course. i’ve never been wrong before.

you said it’s not right.
you said it’s not right.
i’ll watch you go while these city lights collide.

you said it’s not right.
but this is our time.
i’ll set a course for this open source of mine.