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lirik lagu clementine – bobby darin

in a cavern
down by a canyon
excavatin’ for a mine
there lived a miner
from north carolina
and… his daughter
chubby clementine.

now, every mornin’
yeah… just about dawnin’
when the sun
began to shine
you know she would rouse up
wake all-a-dem cows up
and… walk ’em down to her daddy’s mine.

i took the footbridge
way ‘cross the water
though she weighed
two ninety-nine
the old bridge trembled
and dis-ssembled… oops!
dumped her into the foamy brine.

hey… crack like thunder… hut, hut…
you know she went under… hut, hut…
blowin’ bubbles down the line
hey! i’m no swimm’a
but were she slimm’a
i might’a saved
that clementine.

ho… she broke the record
way under water
i thought that she was doin’ fine
i wasn’t nervous
not until the service
that they held
for clementine.

hey… you sailor… hut, hut…
way out in your whaler
a-with your harpoon an’ your trusty line
if she shows now, yell…
a-there she blows now!
it just may be
chunky, clementine.

one more time!

oh, my darlin’… oh, my darlin’
oh, my darlin’… oh, my darlin’
oh, my darlin’… sweet clementine
you may be gone… but…
you’re not forgotten
fare thee well…
so long…

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