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lirik lagu clevermind – poets of the fall

looking at the road that rises up ahead
i thought i’d learned a thing or two
but this is where it’s all made new
n’ i gotta throw my hands up
i can’t go on if i can’t stop

look the leaves are dead
the moments gone, there’s no surrender
forever now unsaid
the words that might’ve warmed december
cos it’s all inside your head
like fragments of a dream you remember
so never mind, your clever mind, never mind me

staring at the ceiling from my bed
i thought i’d earned a chance or few
thought i’d be paid in due
time isn’t made for waiting
past isn’t worth debating

look the leaves are dead…

feeling like a fool again
just need a new direction
a new beginning , a new beginning
i can’t hold back and i can’t hold on
it’s all about gratification
see me running, see me running

look the leaves are dead.

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