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lirik lagu close the curtain – the undercard

c’mon and fall with me, i got just what you need, i’ll take it easy.
this wont hurt you
it’s not a big disgrace, more makeup on that face, just take it, take it
this wont hurt you
i promise that the scars wont last forever. now pick up that face and smile for me.
there’s nothing in this world that makes us stronger than living out your wildest fantasy.
have we come too far allong? have we come too far along?
and it’s an understatement if you think that we’re overrated… but it just feels so right to me.
with eyes wide open
(i’ll get you through this)
i’m on display
(but i don’t want to see)
you turn your head and they close the curtain
(2nd n 3rd time)
i’ll be the person
i want to be
and i’ll be proud when they close the curtain
you knew exactly what it was from the start, that someday we would become enemies.
it was so nice to see you struggle, you had to beg me just to breathe.
have we come too far along? have we come too far along?

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