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lirik lagu close to me – ballyhoo!

all these things i do to keep you close to me
and every day’s another day from what we used to be
i don’t know what i’ve been thinking
’cause this is much like h-ll
it’s days like this, i must insist
i’m not doing so well

oh no, get lost in you
like you know, i often do
and i wonder if you’re proud of me
if you can hear me, shout at me
i need to kill this doubt in me for good
so help me now to let you go
so i can live

i think about these last 10 years
and what they’ve done to me
and i don’t think it’s worth it
’cause it’s just not fun to me
what if i just killed myself
and never spoke again?
could you make your way back through the darkness
and meet me at the end?

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