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lirik lagu close your blinds – russ


[verse 1: russ]
yeah, you got me
and i got you
and i feel a little bit more than three words to say i love you too
you’re a survivor, fell in love with the fire
inside you, let me guide you, i can be your lighthouse
if you get lost i can find you
you’re sick and tired of your circle
come out to cali smoke medical ganja
i don’t even smoke like that just p-ss me the vodka
i remember when i was picking you off from the garden plaza, d-mn
and i’m not even really trying to expose you
if there’s a better life i’m trying to show you
and i know you know what’s up

[hook: russ]
close your blinds
don’t worry about your shoulder
close your eyes
the bullsh-t is over

[verse 2: russ]
and your dad wants to k!ll him
but he’s not really sure
of what his face looks like, but he knows what he did yours
bruised up, lip busted
and your whole att-tude is like
new cuts
sh-t f-ck it
and that’s only because
you don’t love yourself so you cut yourself
drinking at the bar, smoking blunts to yourself
and you wanna just fold the cards you were dealt
and you mom getting worried cause you starve yourself
people trying to judge they don’t what it is
say you doing drugs just to cope with this sh-t
but i got you, cause i know what it is
the f-ck?

[hook: russ]
close your blinds (i got you)
don’t worry about your shoulder
close your eyes
the bullsh-t is over [2x]

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