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lirik lagu closer to alive – kaitee dal pra

i’ve seen those girls in the hair salon
regular’s getting their hair done
put on the make-up that costs the most
and they wear the expensive clothes

well i’m not one of those girls
i like to party in my natural curves
drink beer with all the guys
i’m a rebel in disguise

i wanna be a cop car racin down the boulevard
i wanna be fearless and falling in love
with the adrenline rushin underneath my skin
i wanna be driven by the limit of time
i wanna cause a scene i wanna be closer to alive
closer to alive closer to alive

i’ve seen those girls in the magazines
but they don’t mean anything to me
because i know they’ve been critisized
magazines are full of lies

i’d rather hit the stage with all the pros
party hard after the show
zip line through the jungle trees
sail the seven seas


carefully reckless driving down a dirt road at one eighty
i’ll do somethin crazy somethin that scares me
i wanna take a risk and jump on along for the ride
i want to be closer to a alive


[chorus] i wanna be a cop car


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