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lirik lagu cold metal – ambeon

lying on my back on a railway

looking at the sky and it’s full moon
in the back of my head i feel the rumbling wheels
shaking my memories
it’s getting darker and darker and darker
my hands are frozen and steam comes out of my mouth
as i whisper my last words
seem to fade away

the train is moving forward and closer
can’t stand up and walk away
once i made my mind up so long ago
now i can’t change
it is just too bad

i feel so left alone, so forgotten
n-body knows where i am, no one misses me
cold water runs from my eyes
and the cold is freezing my last tears
like i’m only half in my body, i can’t feel
i think i’m already half gone, i can’t think
it’s getting colder and colder and colder
i can’t breathe


cold metal – burning in my back
cold cold metal – freezing
cold cold metal – my head will burst open
cold cold metal – it’s been too much

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