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lirik lagu columbus exchange (skit) / crack spot – ghostface killah

[“dusty williams”]
while in bolivia, tony starks has b-mped heads with drug czar columbo and moved over ten pounds of raw fishscale…

[ghostface killah]
yo, make sure y’all turn that water down
what y’all watchin over there?
is that the honeymooner marathon?
that sh-t been on all night right?

i smell the c-ke cookin, dr. glove with the eagle in the safe
woodrow the basehead i surprised him with the first taste
he reached for his pipe, pulled his sleeves up
told him it was no cut to be careful, he took a hit, woodrow d-mn you
his head hit the table, a few rocks fell out his pipe
he’s bleedin fatal, he smell like it’s so ripe
told trife to get him some ice, raekwon keep your eye on his wife
tell her to chill, feed her some white
i heard a knock three times, nervous me dropped the raw
ol’ dirty dropped his drawer, he put his fronts back
and sn-tched up his c-ke napkin, with thick snots hangin from his nose
had woodrow’s b-tch on the floor laughin
goodness gracious, tony gosh
put away the frosted flakes, you’re killin us
the residue from the last batch we all was straight
got my son, chet, spent five, stayed in the house look i lost weight

see that was crime at the door, he got mad

i don’t give a f-ck what he got
n-gg-z can’t keep comin up here, this the spot

yo crime you know the spot be b-mpin, pardon me
plus i’m paranoid, and you know the narcs be huntin
n-gg-z probably think that starks be frontin
cause i spazzed out, rolled up in the stashhouse and barked on justin
had to size him up for bein on point, stuck now he’s f-cked
told him play the window, keep your eyes on that verizon truck
every fiend that walk through the door, check if he wired up
no shorts, only give him a play if he buy enough
cop ten, hit him off with a brand new stem
our sh-t is mad potent, one hit they coughin up phlegm
make sure you get that hundred beans from pam
she popped sh-t in front of you daddy? bet we gon’ lace her old man
he came through sellin his tv’s
x-box and playstation 3, all he wanted was three
big frankenstein holdin his mb’s
socks hangin out, followin me
i’m tryin to hide from the d’s, n-gg-

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