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lirik lagu come back – brian mcknight


thought about it
no doubt about it
when you seek you find
since i left you
can’t seem to get you off my mind
i paid the cost
now it appears i lost the melody
got monumental making up to do with you baby

made some mistakes
caused some heartbreak
you must be fed up
i didn’t mean it when i was screamin’
that i’d had enough
an’ all the time that’s p-ssed from then to now
i can’t get it right
baby girl i need to see you tonight

’cause i miss you
want you
need you back in my life
got to get back to them days
when you were mine
ill do whatever i gotta do
to make you see
i can’t live without you girl
come back to me

told you so many lies
just to feed my selfishness and greed
through all the fanfare
what was out there wasn’t what i need
found an old photograph
brought back all the old memories
wasted so much time without you
my baby i beep you
try to reach you
head over to your place
i get over
someone elses rover
is parked up in my sp-ce
what have i done
i might have lost the one
i might be too late
every time i get the machine i say


oh i know there’s still a place for me in your heart
and oh every moment i spend without you girl
is tearing me apart
i know that this ain’t the way that it was meant to be
baby please forgive me girl
come on back