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lirik lagu consumed by the dead – brain drill

spreading like a plague throughout the human race.
corpses are feasting and not leaving a trace.
the undead now walk the earth.
bringing human life to extinction.
glowing eyes emerging from the rivers mud,
they feast on us like cattle while they bathe in our blood.
ripping, tearing, eating us alive
feasting, devouring, no way to survive
no humans left alive
so breathe your last breathe.
no place now left to run,
so breathe in your last breathe.
maggots devour the innocent.
the guilty and the judge,
the priest, every last human defense,
their ends soaked in blood.
cities erupt in fire,
the zombies continue to eat.
no humans left alive.
just rotting mutilated meat.
apocalypse has started.

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