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lirik lagu consumed in flames – afflicted


i lay in darkness
i anguish i dwell
my soul is in torment
i’m living in h-ll

my mind is afflicted
with agonizing pain
scourging my soul
can i be sane?

must do i so?
must i do what they say
their orders their commandments
i have to obey

the future for me
the future i see
is clouded
by obscurity

“the kitchen, the kitchen”
system haunts me
i must burn
and then i’ll be free

but how can i burn
without severe imjuries
to be consumed in flames
is that my destiny?

now i am coming
there is no return
not in the gas flame
but in pure fire i’ll burn

oh no, never comes sister
to prevent me
from my holy task
i am saved, i am free

yeah… baby… alright… come on…