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lirik lagu content to play villain – dalek


lost sense of belonging
beliefs breached by knowing
knot lodged in throat couldn’t cope with this moment
phrase falls like omen
violence condoned
prone to rip the same flesh your holding
doldrums of life seem redundant
yet tend to sow seeds of conundrum
in adverse abundance
some lack substance to verbalize existence
some slit wrists well good riddance
indifferent to men who act children in face of adversity
death’s the one certainty
so called eternity fed intravenously
as relief from misery
manufactured by men who attempt to play deity
what you see in me?
seething reality
bathed in brutality
the one to prove your facts to be fallacy
as my lungs expand, so do galaxies
gained experience through tragedy
transcend average travesty to speak an ancient wisdom
hidden content burnt at stake by religion
i don’t give a f-ck what you’re feelin’
toss frail frames off of buildings
content to play villain.

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