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lirik lagu control – benny benassi

(feat. gary go)

i’ve been trying to breakout of the breakdown
hoping to find a miracle in the meltdown
all the loving chaos that i’m surround
i dance dance to take me off the ground ground.

i’ve been closing my eyes so i can see you
trying to make every other lover be you
hoping that my fantasies will come true
i dance dance and pray that some of them do.

hey-yeah, lift my emotion
tonight, my heart is open
let go, there’s no confusion
control is an illusion.

control is an illusion.


control is an illusion.

i can’t own ya love,
i can’t own your love,
i gotta let it go in the night sky
when i look above
when i look above
i see it shining; i’ll feel so aliiiiive.
ready to let love back into my soul.
in the beauty, in the music, it’s time to lose control of control.

[chorus 2x]

control, control.
control, control.

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