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lirik lagu cops and robbers – a rocket to the moon


do you need
me at night
when you’re warm
in your bed?
do you see
what went wrong
when i look
in your eyes?
now darling don’t be worried
when you’re sleeping on you’re own tonight.

don’t wait ‘cuz you’ll just waste your time.
you never listen to anything i have to say.
‘cuz now i’m believing the things that i’m lying about tonight babe.
‘cuz in a heartbeat we change so fast
and now the stars are aligning and the moon is setting
and i will be the best d-mn constellation that is in your sky tonight.

now darling i am scared
and there’s worry in the air.
but i’m not accusing anyone but myself.
but there’s something that i
gotta get off my chest.
so here it goes.


(do you see all these stars or do the still hurt your eyes)