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lirik lagu cover up – trapt

you must have pulled the trigger
your eyes give you away
the gun in your hand still smoking
you don’t have to take the blame
you have to do what you have to do
you know i’d never judge you
still time to close those eyes
forget what happened, forget you lied

put the mask back on, put the mask back on
don’t take it off till everbodies gone
put the mask back on, put the mask back on
no disguise has ever lasted so long

cover up, cover up
don’t let them see the real you
if your secrets cant stay silent
all those rumors might just end up being true

your free to do what you want
you never thought of consequence
you created your own little world were you could always be diffrent a place were the rules do
not apply you could never be denied you took advantage of a good thing and now the void you filled is empty



[2nd chorus]
cover up, cover up
don’t question anything you do
you have always kept it quite
but your conscience haunts you every time you choose

has anyone ever reached out to you
has anyone ever seen your real face
does anyone know what you’ve been doing
as the one we used to know fades away


[2nd chorus]

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