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lirik lagu crisis music – canibus


quite suspicious
quite suspicious
quite suspicious
quite suspicious, quite suspicious

unknown man 1: it’s very complicated around here. strangers who come out here have problems.
unknown man 2: what sort of problems?
unknown man 1: what?
unknown man 2: what sort of problems?
unknown man 1: if they catch them, they kill them. they don’t ask any questions. they just kill people.
unknown woman: why do they do that?
unknown man 1: what? they’re paranoid. because they think they’ve come to spy on them. they’re paranoid.

yo, your stomach hurt the whole night cause you ate too much gmo rice
to go along with your gmo life
you just a dummy with a smart phone
and you belong in the poor social cl-ss in the country you call home
the old grizzly bear with some nappy -ss hair
selfish motherf-cker, no honey to spare, yeah
energy shortage, the poor got to pay for it
the water is poisonous, wait a couple days for it
third world conditions, no way out
relief’s on the way, they say it could be any day now
i say they lying trying to stall you, alter your view
the s&m executioner escort you down the hall,
to a noose in a fema camp freighter caboose
i trade a pocket knife for a pair of boots
born as a beggar, die with more spiritual treasure
the nebuchadnezzar letters from dead repossessors
belly up to the bar, half a bottle of maker’s mark
shut the f-ck up, it ain’t safe to talk
by the hook or crook, certainly not ever by the book, that’s the reason the world’s so corrupt
the bank is like p–sy, they tell you it’s yours
soon as you turn your back, they open up they drawers
flugelrads with computer jobs
adam zakar plays basketball, he just wants cash and cars
he lit a match, he wanted to check what’s in his tank
that’s why we all call him “skinless frank”
a loss of confidence of leadership
they don’t report till they see the sh-t, hit the fan then they plead the fifth

property, gold, ice age, cold
es solamente piel y huesos
property, gas gold, ice age, cold
es solamente piel y huesos

cursed, blessed, all in the same breath
it’s a miracle germaine got anything left
they tell you to relax, then stab you in the back
while the world collapse through small covert attacks
they observe the boss, a brown nosers’ work of art
he tells everybody else to leave the room, then removes your heart
he says “don’t ever turn your back on god,” the vampire of emotions and thoughts
a few adults hug close in the dark
somebody opens the door, to find out what emotions are for
the future is gone, feast your eyes upon the new world at dawn
that’s what you get for observing the boss
cursed, blessed, all in the same breath
we had all the time in the world, didn’t prep
mercury extracts the gold from the ore,
the same thing happens when i write metaphors
cinderella and the brown dwarf out taking a walk
then both bodyguards morph into a horse
the horse morphs into leviathan el general
leviathan brimstone and fire emulsifying him
5,6,7,8 limbs count them again
i was just standing there in some timbs
they had rockets, ratchets, and bang sting tactics
i don’t know they names but people call them fascists
couldn’t fight that with practice
it’s like you had to go back in time before all of this happened
before sister rebuke the slaves ancient ways
what rhymes with dana dane? saint germaine
salt and pepper flakes of gray, i was ill back in the day
keep pace with the track, tracking the pace
report aliens from outer sp-ce, laugh in the face
you got nothing to say? you had your chance to escape
handcuffed to an anvil, so when was your chance to escape?
dance with the wolves, handshake with the apes
take a apple from a snake, watch the fascist put powder on his face
cause he don’t understand how to relate
he didn’t even have to use two of his hands, ’cause n-body lives longer than a nuclear plant
we on food stamps, but get rude about school grants
we get mad cause we don’t got enough youtube fans
ebonic super cram, ruin the plan, two suits take a cruise in a van
super advanced, got something called zeus in his hands
flugelrads with computer jobs, computer program
introduce you to hip-hop shogun showman
resistance is futile; the battle rifle shoots two miles
you got the juice, the jones look for you now
the son of king neptune, a million dolphins come to my rescue
but i didn’t want to impress you
cursed, blessed, all in the same breath
autobot rock gonna explain the rest ‘