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lirik lagu crunk inc. – crime mob

“crunk inc.”

ay, crunk incorporated. we ain’t taking nuttin this year, we comin straight for ya. talkin bout gettin crunk n-gg-. f-ck
that sh-t you talkin n-gg-. when i see yo -ss n-gg-, this how sh-t gon pop off. this how sh-t gon go down from here on out
n-gg-. so we gotta tell yall n-gg-s to wake the f-ck up. cyco black let em know….

f-ck that sh-t that you talkin’ [8x]

f-ck that nonsense n-gg- i’m outside (what’s up). you gotta problem wit my clique i’m outside (what’s up). i got my gun in
my mothaf-ckin ride (what’s up). we bussin heads so you b-tches betta hide (what’s up aight).

crunk to the mothaf-ckin inc mike, gray, black, and killa behind me. park in the street wit crunk and ad so i dare
that n-gg- to come and try me. dare that n-gg- to walk my street. watch me c-ck it back and let go. comin up popular, he’s
a f-ck n-gg- i’ma let his -ss know he ain’t nuttin but a ho. f-ck yo words, yo words don’t mean sh-t. all that talkin get
yo -ss h-t. beat yo b-tch wit a baseball bat a-rata-tat-tat on yo -ss real quick. this real sh-t and i don’t play games.
atl be my domain. creep yo cast, and beat yo -ss so f-ck that sh-t you talkin mayne.


yeah, b-tch f-ck that sh-t that you talkin. go get yo clique and start walkin. my crew too thick so get off me to f-ck
wit you i got whodi. peepin the scene so don’t test me, ho don’t try me i stay ready, yo shirt gon be so d-mn heavy, i
snipe yo -ss like i’m wesley. got a problem i solve so ho let’s take it outside. revolver tucked in my pocket i’m feelin
what in my ride. bussin heads is my specialty, one like me, you will never see, ho you know i’m wit mob wanna buck?
it’s whatever g.

keep on poppin i’ma show you just how deep we are. yall n-gg-s thank yall buck? we’ll have yall seein stars. you’ll think
you’re touchin mars, cause we some must -sses. a second blastin anywhere where there be sh-t talkin. so do not get smart
b-tch, cause here we runnin thangs, ain’t got no time for lames, just bout that money mayne. just watch me spray some
flames. get up, release some anger. i keep sixteen in the clip, and one off in the chamber.

(aight [8x] )

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