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lirik lagu crush on you – bruce springsteen

my feets were flyin’ down the street just the other night
when a hong kong special pulled up at the light
what was inside, man, was just c’est magnifique
i wanted to hold the b-mper and let her drag me down the street
ooh, ooh, i gotta crush on you
ooh, ooh, i gotta crush on you
ooh, ooh, i gotta crush on you tonight

sometimes i spot a little stranger standing ‘cross the room
my brain takes a vacation just to give my heart more room
for one kiss, darling i swear everything i would give
cause you’re a walking, talking reason to live


well now she might be the talk of high society
she’s probably got a lousy personality
she might be a heiress to rockefeller
she might be a waitress or a bank teller
she makes the venus de milo look like she’s got no style
she make sheena of the jungle look meek and mild
i need a quick shot, doc, knock me off my feet
’cause i’ll be minding my own business walking down the street… watchout!


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