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lirik lagu cry of the banshee – exciter

cry of the banshee sends images of doom
to all a warning that death will follow soon
fight with the rebel kill the omen of death
fallen to ashes you re breathin your last breath

when twilight burns across the sky you better
run and hide. the beast will roar from deep inside

cry of the banshee a howling in the night
pay heed to the master who beckons your life
walk over the fire encounter your last fate
deadly fairy woman waits at h-ll s gate

cry of the banshee screams never tell of her
dreams straight from h-ll

cast into a nightmare a horrible dream
you ve seen the light in the end and you know
not what it seems
you know where danger lurks and stay
the h-ll away
you ll never forget the night she took
your life away

from the land of nowhere comes a cry,
a lady of fire
when you hear her voice she s satan s crier

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