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lirik lagu cry out – angels of fall


cry out from your dungeons were you stand chained
spread out your pain through these halls, no one can here your screams
these cold walls keep you aslaved
it feels like centuries of pain
these long nights keep you awake
awake from the chaos of dreaming

they set them aflame they left them to burn
so terrified you stood there watched them all die
your eyes saw their struggle, your ears heard their screams
they were all murdered slaughtered like sheep
your mind seems burdened by all the memories
your chains keeps dragging you down to the drain

the air smells polluted you have to brake free
your bonds must be broken your mind must be free
your wrath grows stronger to great for these halls
but your hate can not kill your mind cant destroy
soon enough you’ll be free
free from all the pain and misery


cry out from your dungeons were you stand chained
spread your pain
these voices inside your head
driving you completely insane
the screams from the tortured in pain
ripping you again and again

why.. so cold outside
why.. this pain inside
why.. these empty thoughts
why.. why….