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lirik lagu cuckoo spitting blood – anathallo

oh, night set on when i fell down
in the corner of the field.
cuckoo, i too sang,
spit the blood of welling thougohts.

waking with a hundred grains.
salt stains ringing ’round my legs.
i could not face you.

since i don’t know my father,
i won’t be a son.
in morning when words rise up
like the echo of a stone axe,
some demon in me wants to rise up
and walk away.

when i am alone in the day.
at night when i am going without clothes
i see your knees where i would sit,
the purple chair,
golden trim hedged ’round.

i hid myself underneath my father
with the robes of a son.
in the morning when words rose up
like the echo of a stone axe.
some demon in me crawled out
and ran away.

i remember when i took the gifts
asking you for everything,
throw your name in the well.
i sink, and sink.

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