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lirik lagu da mote(l) – 69 boyz

{ } = the fellas
– – – – – – –
[outside a dance club. the “tootsee roll” beat is boomin’ inside.]
man: what’s up, baby? they done had that last call for alcohol and
everything, what’s up, you gon’ come back to the ‘mote with me or what?
woman: but what about yo’ girlfriend? she s’posed to be my friend.
man: come on, come on, baby, don’t worry ’bout her, i mean we can leave
here, go get something to eat. you hungry?
woman: mmm … yeah … i’m hungry a lil’ bit. i just …
man: hey, you can bring your friends if you want, i got my boys back at
the hotel … so what you gon’ do?
woman: (sigh) you really gon’ pay my phone bill?
– – – – – – –
{ooooh, i got a winner! i think i got a winner!}
uh! uh! ahh baby, here we go now!
verse 1: thrill pa dlaya
hey baby doll, what’s up? ‘scuse the mood, i’m a lil’ bit bored
and normally, i don’t try to take girls home after the club
but you got that flavor ride, and i’m kinda hungry
not only that, strictly by myself, sometimes i tend to get lonely
so let’s find this camp, and get a lil’ something to eat
get back to the ‘mote and kick off them shoes so i can rub them feet
and we both dogs, baby, so we ain’t got to joke
if you’re down, i’ll get to the car and we can head to the ‘mote!
chorus (2x):
{let’s go to the motel, let’s go to the ‘mote
i won’t tell if you don’t tell!}
{let’s go to the motel!} girl, don’t have no shame!
{i won’t tell if you don’t tell!} how you’ll be gettin’ that pocket
{let’s go to the motel!} girl, you know the deal!
{i won’t tell if you don’t tell!} how you’ll be payin’ that phone bill!

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