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lirik lagu damn it feels good to be like d-pryde – d-pryde

d-mn it feels good to be like d-pryde
to drink arizona green teas
and flip your bangs to the side
to rock with whatever you want thats what the swag is
a little asian weirdo with huge -ss gl-sses
stay chillin with the boys on the weekdays
livin rich even though you never be payed
run it like relay
yeah these rumors busted bout me
but who cares about what he say she say
look people it’s the funny man bad cleaning
cus i do the first three letters of the last season
win ~
so baby i just got my heat sound
we dont need the ball we rebound
you feel me? ~
they say i went commercial cus i signed the dotted line
they say i went c-cky but im still a modest guy
gotcha girl but nothing but some knee highs
d-mn it feels good to be like d-pryde

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