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lirik lagu dance of the dead – deathwish


drowning of the dead, drowning in the sea of life, as you
fight against the tide
spinning in a whirlpool, a lifetime flashes by
take the road of despair, the path of destruction
followed by the jackals, that tear at your flesh

hear the voice command, it’s hunger must be fed, line up
to die
join the dance of the dead

gaze into the mirror, see the empty eyes, feel the world
closing in
the void comes ever nearer, feel the knife at your throat
it’s edge cuts in deep, screaming for the pain to stop,
while you live it never will
the noose in pulling tighter, life hangs by a thread, and
now you can only give way
as you’re choked into submission, so your will is broken,
join the living dead
parasites start to feed, on the life that seeps away

hear the voice command, it’s hunger must be fed, the tune
of sorrow playing
begin the dance of the dead