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lirik lagu dariana dead – christian mejia



dariana dead
my phone, is on read
i need to charge that sh-t
i need to get lit
like g baby, this beat is so crazy

[verse 1]

amanda takin my pic (ouu)
leslie liked that sh-t (ouu)
andrea about to make me lose my mind
d-mn she’s always roasting on me
but i’m about to go in
me and josh eating some din (ouu)
amy serving up a plate
take amanda on a date
shut up, aidan, you’re late
rose lookin’ like a flower
miller tall as a tower
noel lookin’ mad cute


no h-m- though i gotta go my mom just grounded me, i can barely see i need my gl-sses on then i’ma go hit a bong

[verse 2]

d-mn i need to get high -sigh-
i need to f-ckin’ lose my mind
i need to go f-cking eat that sh-t
i need to go ahead and uhh f-ck your b-tch
i need to go ahead and eat the sh-t
i need to go ahead and… f-ck your b-tch
and then i said it again cause i can..

oh sh-t im dariana dead
woah! he went there! (what?)
what’d he say?? (d-mn!)
i just saw… ur girl the other day
she was around my way
she was in my crib
she was tryna f-ckin’ go and eat my d-ck
she was tryna eat my sh-t
she was just tryna go ahead and eat my sh-t
she was in my pantry
eatin’ on my chips
i said, “girl whatchu doin?”
she said, “i’m eatin’ yo chips”
i said woahhh
girl you don’t have to be up in my house
get the f-ck out before my mom comes over here with f-cking chanclas
she about to hit your -ss
and you know i’m about to f-cking smoke some gas
i’m about to f-cking eat sh-t
i’m about to go ahead and, i don’t know (whoa!)

i was f-ckin’ flowing for a second, but, ya know, i’ma keep it going, i’ma keep it going, alright, yuh

me and shanka, we don’t give a motherf-cking f-ck
me and g baby, we don’t really want to f-cking suck
because yo girl, she’s always tryna f-cking text some sh-t
me and amy, we ’bout to go ahead and wreck yo sh-t!
me and aidan, we f-ckin’ going ‘head and f-ckin’ on yo crib
ridin’ round, in my civic, that’s my f-cking whip
andrea, she ’bout to make me lose my f-cking mind
she ’bout to make me lose some time
i’m bout to f-cking text her -ss
i’m about to say, “hey, andrea, you suck.”
she’s about to say, “oh yeah, ooh, christian, challenge?”
i said, “what the f-ck?”
i don’t really understand what the f-ck i’m saying, right now, but i don’t give a f-ck
ridin’ around, me and my f-cking truck
i’m just kidding, i don’t have a truck
i wish i did, just kidding, i’m sure i wouldn’t look right in it


ah, f-ck, alright whatever