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lirik lagu dark heart – epitome of frail

the dark heart!
watch it explode!
my dark heart!

i´m sitting here in my black room, and watch the sky
turn dark!
cutting myself and taste the blood, while morbid
fantasies fill my heart!
strange illusions in my mind, the ugly thought of
eating flesh!
breaking the bones of my enemies, is one of my sweetest

the dark heart!

i wanna hit your godd-mn face, and smash your brain as
hard as i can!
i feel my dark heart explode, i am not longer your
i´m getting nervous my hands ware wet, i run through
the dark smelling your sweat!
i wanna get psychic for a while, with your heart in my
hand i sit again here and smile!

the dark heart!
it´s my dark heart!
feel, my, feel, my dark heart!
my dark heart!
there´s no escape!
dark heart!!!
there´s no escape!!!

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