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lirik lagu dark helmet – bloodsimple

the world’s f-cked up and we lit the fuse
it’s all used up, whatcha gonna do

there’s a devil in the desert and a devil on the tv
there’s a devil in the mirror and it’s f-cking with me
turn the f-ck around and you get your f-ckin face split

the worlds will collide, a fire from the sky
the afterlife will await you

the man on the tv is all you need to see
well freedom is our message but money is the key
media is a weapon selling fear and deception
painting propaganda and disbelief

load another round and cut the f-cker down

murder – shut the f-ck up

keep the public busy so they’ll never see
keep them so busy that they’re full of greed
never ask a question and never ask why
ship them to the desert and watch them die

turn the f-ck around and get your f-cking face split

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