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lirik lagu dead presidents freestle – kano


the streets like living in h-ll, f-ck knows what living in jails like
i’m living alright so i can help, right?
i felt like i was set up just to fail, right?
but i’m the truth, the media they love to tell lies
i still write about all the sh-t i seen too
unfortunate, kids lost parents and forced to quit school just to hold the fam down
be the man now, money’s too slow f-ck waiting for handouts
that’s the long and short of it
but people only see the crime, don’t see the cause of it
misunderstood so we lift up our hoods to rebel, like f-ck the government
the teens, all they really need is some encouragement
don’t give, then they’ll take it
an att-tude defilement created
but i’ll agree that really ain’t the way kid
but if i can see, why can’t they say?
i ain’t saying i should lead but why can’t they?
i’m out for the queens head to represent me
but for the mean time, these lines will represent the streets
i’m out for jesus to represent me
cause i see what the police did to pac and b.i.g
don’t shoot the messenger i just deliver the harsh lines
do you really think paper can erase all the hard times?
as if racism is just a thing of the past time
i still get h-ssled when the business cl-ss line