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lirik lagu dead winter days – agalloch

there lies a beauty behind forbidden wooden doors
a beauty so rare and pure, it would make human eyes bleed and burn…

…she killed herself in the fall…

i am the unmaker, i bring death to the beautiful dawn
with pillor, cold, and a legion of dying angels…

…i killed myself in the spring…

a grim bough had hung me high
i sank the fires of the sol
here, nightfall reigns

i oppose the light
i gather the storms
with a sword i wield with hate
i shot down the sun with bow and flame
pillorian for the dead winter

i am the unmaker
the pillorian… the ending
i… die…
i d-mn you the dead winters…

[music by haughm/anderson/j. william w. (2/97 – 11/98)]

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