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lirik lagu dear babe – adeaze

chorus –
dear babe i’ll always love you and every night i think of you
cos baby our love is strong
dear babe you’re constantly running through, through my mind
i promise in my heart you’ll find, baby

verse 1 –
it doesn’t seem a big surprise to me
how i fell in love with such a queen
i would give her everything she needs
cos deep inside my heart she is everything
i try my best to keep the love alive
and in the end she’s turned away and cried
love is crying and my heart is true
i have one thing to say and that is i love you baby


verse 2 –
i’m thanking you for the times we shared
for every moment that you said you cared
i didn’t tell you but it meant a lot
to know that u loved me no matter what the cost
i guess i’m tryna say that in the end
all i really wanted was just a friend
i’ll always be calling you baby boo
cos in reality i’m still in love with you baby


bridge –
when we fell in love my heart just fell apart
cos i knew i couldn’t live without you next to me
i need you right by my side so you can feel my honesty
dear babe i’ll always love you down in my heart


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