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lirik lagu dear mama – devvon terrell


verse 1
tell me how you did it tell me how u did it
you knew from birth that your child was destined to be the richest
auntie jackie told stories bout u and the struggle
i heard i ate first and then you ate after
but theres nothing left
whole plate was empty never knew we was broke it never really hit me
but now i understand
adults eyes and what kids see
you protected me throwing them shades on so i couldn’t see it
man i was fly
but lil did i notice you was crying
you could barely put on your shoes but my shirt was ironed
you so tired i wish i knew that
why you do that
but now that i know im working so hard to get ur life back

dear mama x6
dear mama x6

verse 2
you kept my head my shoulders
waking up 5 in the morning
just to drop me at the neighbors house
these are things that i can’t forgot
you took me to disney world
know you couldn’t afford it but we still boarded them planes every summer yea
winter had northfaces and timbs i was stuntin yea
sent me to college with all them loans mean something
cause not for nothing i really owe you my life and thats why u got it coming
paint you the perfect picture when i get that paint just gotta wait
for years i wanted to get you a place
and look ma now we here
every morning i wake and now im feeling great
god gave me the greatest mother man i call it fate

dear mama x6
dear mama x6