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lirik lagu death from above – thrice


i always thought
always thought that there was something different, setting us apart
that i was led
i was led by men with sober minds and sympathetic hearts
i swore an oath
swore an oath but never knew just what it was to take a life
to play at god…
play at god across such distances and from so great a height

but i am never sure who i am killing
how many innocents were in the building?
i drop death out of the…
no longer human beings, no longer people
just targets on a screen, none of it’s real
i drop death out of the sky
tell me why

one day they sent
one day they sent me to the chaplain when said i can’t go on
but all he said…
all he said was just to shut my mouth and do the will of god

tell me why
to make us safe so it would seem
but we shoot further than we dream
can’t we see, we only justify
someone’s resolve to rise against
and to avenge the innocent
and defend the ones that still survive
so, i’m still asking why