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lirik lagu death inc. – eversin

can you hear the voice of your inner soul?
can you hear the lies when the cradle falls?
do you want to hear the cries of lonely men?
do you want to hear the sound of modern death?

can you feel the pain of widow lonely mothers?
wanna feel the pain to be a dead son father?

lies are falling down
as the king caresses his crown.

we see the dark of night inside his wicked eyes
as cold as ice the thoughts inside his mind
the babies cry they die without a sin
for every tear they cry, he burns another dream

lies are falling down
as the king caresses his crown.

we live our lives under the war d-mnation
the clouds of hate upon our every nation
a constant motion to an endless night
our life, our death, our only sacrifice

the smell of death to cover all mankind
the world is burning, dust that blinds our eyes
and in a future made of soldiers’ tears
we’ll feast 2012…happy new year!!!

rising, rising, rising, the end of man is rising!

the bodies of men lying upon the ground
they close their eyes, they die without a sound
the world is watching, people ask for more
they praise tv, reality shows…

tell us what war is…
tell us what we fight for…
tell us why we die…
please tell us why…

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