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lirik lagu deep country – barbara kessler

it might be madness
or it might be love
one sleight of your hand
i lose what i was thinking of
i think of oceans
i think of trees
when you lose sight of that edge
you know you’re in too deep
but it’s like trying to run under water
i wish i’d stopped at the border ’cause it’s
deep country
deep country i’m in
deep country here with you
my mind’s half empty
and my heart’s half full
if i showed the dark side of this soul
would you still feel it’s pull
sometimes it’s too much responsibility
let’s make a deal
and you stay you and i’ll stay me
but it’s like trying to run under water?
i’m a stranger to this land
the lines on your face
i know by heart
if i trace them back
would i find where you end
and where i start
you lose perspective
up this close
no fear of flying
it’s just falling that scares me the most
but it’s like trying to run under water?

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