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lirik lagu delightfully evil – drivin rain

long lean lady from the shadow lands
a devious nymphet hungry for another man.
her hairs across her eyes so you can’t see her gaze.
her l-st a raging fire, gonna set your body aflame.

she’s a lovely disaster, and poisoned fortune rolled into one.
she’s a bliss filled nightmare, lets you have her all night,
then returns to the darkness before the morning light.

sleek serpents walk, snakes follow behind,
crawls inside you eyes and spins a web in your mind.
her body’s craving sin, this siren knows she’s got it all.
dominating witch she’ll make you c-m when she calls.

her touch will burn you.
saliva’s like lava on your lips.
she’s a tragic parade, just look at the mess she’s made.
all the while laughing while your heart bursts in flame.

(chs)-delightfully evil, satanically good.
she’ll ruin your life like you’d always hoped that she would.
angelically wicked, a bitter pill.
demonically enchanting,
de-light-ful-ly evil!

she leaves a trail of fire, everywhere she goes.
when she down on all four in her provocative h-ll pose.
you know she’s coming soon, she lays back and spreads her wings.
like a orgy orchestra this girl will make you sing.
she’s a intoxicating disease.
she’ll lick your wounds clean, and then give you more.
when you spin her around, to do her from behind.
she’s got a tattoo on her back, the devil’s wh-r-.

she’s got you obsessed, a drug you just can’t seem to resist.
as she turns to walk away, she growls call me sometime.
just pick up the phone and dial 666.


de-light-ful-ly evil!

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