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lirik lagu den of the picquerist – the black dahlia murder

“den of the picquerist”

ritual of mutilation

slicing, stabbing, hacking, maiming,
shredding, severing, rearranging.
mincing, dicing, mutilating,
surp-ssing mere dreams or masturbatings.
flowers of flesh and blood,
enthralling unruptured skin,
an empty easel appalling.
dismemberment is my expression,
this weapon is my s-x phallic.
my every thrust gaining an entrance to the red.
your blood, your blood,
your blood is what i need,
the sight, the smell, the taste of it,
beside myself with glee.
posing your body to humiliate,
beyond recognition, my knives perforate.

den of the picquerist,
den of the picquerist,
den of the picquerist,
den of the picquerist.

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