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lirik lagu desire of a cursed soul – epitome of frail

so you left me inside,
behind your own fears!
all you have left
is just an empty sh-ll,
broken memorie of days that were so long
inside there´s nothing left
except tears and devastation!

within this revelation lies a fountain!
it´s spreading life and death
without being cold or warm!
it´s neverending! it´s ridiculous! it´s a vision!
of times and memories of joy!
asking why
is completely senseless!
because there never was an “i” in i love you !
and now you´re dead to me!
you´re dead and gone!
we will
never meet again!

and after all,
all you did, was leaving me!
leaving me hurt
and left behind!
alone in the dark,
wounded like a deer!
bleeding from within
with no end in sight!
but i was on my own,
even before we met!
so i am
on my own again!

but not weak or helpless!
i will go on and there´s nothing that will stop me!

this is the desire of a cursed soul!
this is the demand for a better life without you!
this is the desire of a cursed soul!
this is a demand from within! from within!

i will never stop or make a step back!
i am here, no retreat and no surrender!!!

this is the desire of a cursed soul
no retreat and no surrender

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