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lirik lagu deviant – benighted

something inside of me is watching me and waiting
and the thing which scares me the most is when i cannot fight anymore
i’m hearing speaking the voice of my father, disturbed by fits of abstraction,
silences of mind.
i always do what voices in my head tell me to do
“you are no one, a child of naught, you’ll burn in fire. you have to hide,
shame of life, mistake of nature, swathe your face, your monstrous features,
you are condemned!”
i always do what voices in my head tell me to do
atered and disfigured, dysmorphophobia.
the eye fixed, a razor in the hand, determined to comit the worst,
the cost of the loss, a psychic rebirth,
through this path enslaved to my own delirium, delivered by auto-mutilation.
in front of my reflection so detestable, i tear pieces of my face,
again until i will be unrecognizable.
my acts relieve my mind, i forgivemyself his absence,
but the voices still present, speaking to me.

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