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lirik lagu devils – lil boosie

(feat. foxx)

[savage on the beat]

devils [x3] {yeaaaaaaa}
we talkin’ bout devils [x4]

[verse 1:]
mane it’s payback
for all da months dat i layed back
for all da blunts dat had me lazy and crazy
it’s drama time {time}
i’m gettin’ ten for a show {let’s go}
alb-m ain’t even dropped
when it’s dropped i’m gettin’ mo
wish i can go down every street {every street}
but da f-ckin’ narcotics say i got death on me
n-gg-s they try to rebel me {shiid}
but it’s motivation
i’m a keep gettin’ money
gon’ soulja hate me
da judge looked at me
and said how you doin’ boosie
he called me by my nickname {ooooh}
what you think i’m stupid {b-tch}
you wanna railroad a n-gg- {believe dat}
and lose me in the system
but like c-murder and mack
i refuse to be a victim n-gg-

devils get up off me [x8]

[verse 2:]
look, look
see where i’m from n-gg- it’s do or die {die}
n-gg- tell you he gone kill you
you gone shoot or die
dem devils got dem youngters wildin’ out at twelve nah {twelve nah}
and hollin’ mutha f-ck jail dey goin’ to h-ll nah {f-ck h-ll}
see i’m from baton rouge
better known as rattin’ rouge {rattin’ rouge}
da police know yo -ss dirty ‘fore you even do it
i’m so gutta, so gangsta, so in da streets {what else?}
i’m so freaky, so nasty, so in da sheets {believe dat}
my cousin life, da grandpa wife
and n-gg-s mad? {f-ck}
da judge ain’t nothin’ but the devil
him and the jury
i seen a n-gg- die in front of me
eyes rolled back
they threw da choppa
like hold dat

devils get up off me [x8]

[verse 3:]
can’t even ride and get high
cause them devils out
they catch me on a back street
they gone knock me off
yea i’m talkin’ bout the law
ya’ll sum f-ckin’ devils
up in school you got blues
now ya bout wateva
hoes tryna get money
tryna sell dat cat
devil get yo -ss away
iont pay for dat
don’t he get ya at the wrong place
at the wrong time
now you gone for a very long time {d-mn}
you hit the pin
and you heard tha f-ckin’ door slam
he was ya shoes, ya zoos, and ya wam wam
he was with you in them times when you ain’t give a d-mn
he was that liquor in ya hand
sayin’ kill me man
he that lil’ n-gg- cross town
hatin’ on ya hard
but he ain’t ready to go to war
dats dat f-ckin’ devil
devil get up off me
devil get up off me
devilllll get up off me

devils get up off me [x8]

we talkin’ bout devils [x6]

be on da look out n-gg-
dey got devils out chea
believe dat
boosie bad azz
it don’t get no realer den this n-gg-
i’m da only one drop sh-t like this

we talkin’ bout devils!

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