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lirik lagu dey know (remix) – shawty lo

(feat. young jeezy, e-40)

[young jeezy:]
i’m in my cool whip insides jello
hop up out that pretty m-th-f-cka like h-llo, h-llo, h-llo
ladies how you doin
dat n-gg- crazy girl don’t say nothin to em
dey know dey know got one low low
rob who take one chk chk h-llo
they know i give a f-ck about them haterz
young j-zzle been pullin paper
rich wheels on da coup life savas
hit da club with 20 brawdz like flavor
i’m on da top floor no neighbors
who u kiddin i get my 87’s tailored

[chorus: x4]
h-llo, h-llo, dey know dey know

i’m a pyramid you’s a square
not from tha a but i packed a k-der
i’m tha rapped about i got paper
homie want me to step down and shoot me with they taser
cuz i’m pushin that microphone crack and i’m doin it major
stunna vans watcha know about that muscle cars and scr-pers
got them pills but i ain’t talkin ’bout bayer
when it comes to that slick talk 40-watt is the creater

[verse 1:]
shawty lo i got flavor
cause you know the kid got paper
like 40 don’t sava
bankhead been pullin capas
the way you drop woulda thought i had a taser
call me street like the raver?
shawty lo, a.t.l, i’m the mayor
street n-gg- but i can be tailored
every now and then shawty might rock gators
me and that kussssh i got acres
yeahhh no more nosy -ss neighbors
big up’s to all my haters

[chorus x4]

[verse 2:]
i’m the man and i know that
i got cash i’m talkin throw back
100 grand what’s that
i hit the club and i blow that
all these hoes know lo dat
i’m picture perfect made for kodak
let’s talk money
i got plenty
dope boyz let’s get get get it!

[chorus x8]

[verse 3:]
hey hey hey hey how you doin it’s l o
’73 i’m the one in the middle
i don’t need beat i can rock it achapello
no one but two all i needed was a skittle?
yeahh now i’m geekd screamin yessir just like g
a-town fitted who but me
l o g know he know they know i am

[chorus x4]

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