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lirik lagu diablo en musica – the degenerates


i’m locked and loaded on that thing that pumps your blood
melodramatic drama’s never been so fun
around the time we all got up and fled the scene
if it weren’t for me, you might still be alive
but now tonight i’ll keep a real close eye on you

and overkill defeats the thrill of what was once enough
to get us through a day
there’s no time or place to state your case
illusion, come and set me free

it’s strange how all these words are not enough to accomplish anything
but they still choke you up…

good morning, taking off tonight
we’re blasting off tonight, farewell
i’m taking lives dressed up and shy
by evening, taking off tonight
we’re blasting off tonight, so long
i never meant to choke you up

hallucinations set me free

watch me fly!
below the city’s so small in my own stratosphere
i won’t be coming back down when i don’t need you here