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lirik lagu diesel fluid – andrew kelley


met mit, of course it’s the method man from the wu-tang clan
i have different methods to the way i do my sh-t.
mr. method man, for short, mr. magic!
i’m a method man. freeze! this is the method man.

i’m in the weed spot, pounds of purp
all the cereal cartoons is on, my favorite sh-t is the smurfs
now i don’t slip when i’m down in the dirt
’cause by this time i done seen life and figured the amount that it’s worth
it’s the first, cops is looking for work
got my n-gg-rs all cuffed up, sweating like a hooker in church.
this old woman on her way to the church,
she said the neighborhood’s f-cked up, and we the ones that’s making it worse.
now that’s f-cked up!
i hit the block hard, timberlands is scuffed up.
no justice in the system, look around, it’s just us!
they tell me only god can judge us.
but they ain’t ever met judge koffler.
i’m looking at this cracker on the bench,
don’t understand, i only sold crack to pay the rent,
but that’s possession with intent
player, i ain’t stressing, i’m a pimp
my b-tches love the c-cktail dressing with the shrimp.

’cause we do it like how we do it!
this is big truck style sh-t,
slave b-tches with the shallow slang,
staple town, this how he handle the flame!