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lirik lagu dirts the boogie – ol’ dirty bastard


[hook x2: buddha monk]
dirts the boogie, dirts the boogie
dirts the boogie, dirts the boogie
dirts the boogie, dirts the boogie
dirts the boogie, dirts the boogie

[chorus x2: ol’ dirty b-st-rd]
come on, baby, let me hear you jump
come on, baby, let me see you stomp
come on, baby, let your body go
come on, baby, let it flow, flow, flow

[ol’ dirty b-st-rd:]
the most amazing, rhyme blazing, smoke that purple haze and
i’m the ol’ dirt mcgazing
after the club, i’m straight up dazing
i f-ck til my nuts shiver up like raisins
everybody just, do my dance
while your girl, she feel my d-ck through her pants
i’m the ol’ rotten slang, that wu-tang mixture
leave your head to bang, boom bang licked up
watch the speaker kick up, b-tch eat my d-ck up
-ss stick up, i’m a hit her quicker
never find a n-gg- nasty as dirty
still f-ck a b-tch if her -ss is dirty
still sip the hennessey if the gl-ss is dirty
you ain’t getting sh-t if your cash ain’t dirty

[hook x2]


[boy jones:]
hit a ho, make her go crazy
doctor, doctor, she having a baby
[girl:] (oh, no, who could it be?)
out is the son of the odb
my name is bar, i’m made like a maybach car
[girl:] (you crazy) what you say that for?
bar slick with the gift of gab, i throw jabs
[girl:] (tell the cop, boy, get your black b-tt in the lab)
still got a slab of that welfare cheese
still get features from government g’s
still looking for a big b-tt to squeeze
ol’ dirt, are you gonna give lil’ dirt a g?

[hook x2]

[chorus x2]