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lirik lagu disenchanted – backjumper

somebody take me back to the days where
all i knew was all a phase
all i needed was a mother’s embrace
not wanting to get out of this place

that welcome me into the valley of doubts
words doesn’t express my disappointment

now everything is falling apart
and i can’t match the pieces
they’re coming all here straight to my face
but i can’t make them fit, cannot change them, cannot clear

time took over, everything
and our days have turned to grey, they have burned slowly, disenchanted and
time took over, everything you know
realize what owns this life, open up your eyes to consumption

somebody take me back to the days when
i didn’t even know my ways
the love i knew was only in mother’s eyes
and not the pain of ten thousand knifes

i scream out this monologue on wasted times
words doesn’t express my disappointment

i live, i lie, i try and i cry, but i’ll ever know the reasons why?


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