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lirik lagu disfigured – exxplorer

[a) among them]

pictures of god
and sin
and the pain
i’ve caused
others and myself
float through
my mind
like crippled angels
who can neither land
nor find peace

i find myself among them

[b) disfigured]

somebody help me,
somebody save me,
i want to drag
a blade across my face
i’m in conflict
with that christ again,
like some unholy
martyr who’s dying for sin
i want to burn, yeah,
i want to bleed
you think i’m kidding man,
i’m real as real can be
i’ve been feeling
those demons again,
let my cross-eyed
suicide of spirit begin

i feel tight, tight as a fist
and somehow blind
like a mind full of ignorance
turned away from the light
pushed away from the light
drawn away from the light
i wish judas would kiss me,
and take me down,
before i hurt the ones who love me now

i am disfigured, out of control
i am disfigured, let my face match my soul

open your eyes christ, don’t turn away
all i do, i do for you
that your pain not be in vain

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