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lirik lagu disney channel – alvin grisham

diney channel is the place to be disney channel i wanna be i was 5 wanna be on there but know i’m older i’m past there actor and actresses are good but they making the hood cory in the house and raven they are my favorite
i can’t forget about hanna cause i love hurb she a winna but not like suit life they are livin the life livin in luxary
there’s where i wanna be brenda and ashley but life with derek gets on casey nerves but deep down she really loves him wizards they awsome but like alex she alwys get in trouble
the replacments can replace anybody in they life anybody they don’t like
phines and ferb they always inventing cause they are smart and they never get caught disney channel is the place for me that’s where i wanna be i don’t want to never leave.
!this has been for disney channel!

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