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lirik lagu distraction – disforia

hang up your coat
you’re done entertaining
favorite distractions to
occupy your time
running from everything
you know nothing about
enjoy the sunset as
you explore the breaks in the clouds

distractions maim you
render you faceless
mice run the maze
clueless to the sun

climax your life
every day you breathe
never mind your family
never once believe
a monster in the dark
ignore the warnings
salvation with a cold
distracted morning

you’re taking, mistaking
the meaning of your living
you’re faking and breaking
the blocks that build a family
the monster that ponders
when should this life be taken
and time is withdrawing
contorting, patronizing!
your chances are thinning
if you don’t learn to live it
your final distraction
from this life will be death

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