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lirik lagu don’t gotta go home – dmx

(feat. monica)

[intro: dmx + (monica)]
grrrrrrrrrrr.. yeah
i mean we all men, we all men
we know how the sh-t go.. love one, f-ck another
i mean, it is what it is, it is what it is
i mean, we knew what it was, when we became a part of it (yeahh)
ain’t no sense whinin about it now, feel me?
it’s like..

[monica + (dmx)]
there’s something on your mind (what!)
i can see right through you
i know your girl been treatin you wrong (yea!)
but she ain’t no good for you
why do you hold it inside (uhh!)
boy you should let me know
i just want to make you right
wanna be the one you could cry on

baby, it’s like i love my wife
but we goin through things and i ain’t goin home tonight
you got time for a n-gg-, or is he still with you?
wanna meet at the same spot, or should i come and get you?
aight, i’ll be there in 10, be in the front
i been gettin what i need so i’ma give you what you want
one-on-one, cause you know how to talk to dog
you walk the dog and understand new york is hard, baby

[chorus: monica and dmx]
[m] so you, you ain’t gotta go home tonight
[m] you can stay right here with me
[d] uhh.. i ain’t goin nowhere
[d] when you wake up i’m gon’ be right there
[m] don’t you worry ’bout a thing
[d] i ain’t worried about sh-t!
[m] you’re here with me
[d] look, it’s like i love my wife
[d] but we goin through things and i ain’t goin home tonight, aight?

[monica + (dmx)]
it’s kinda strange, that when you call (mmm)
she’s never home
now you’re there all alone
and, you deserve so much more baby (what!)
i can treat you better than she can (what!)
it doesn’t make sense
to keep on loving, and keep on trusting
when, in return all you get is nothing

d-mn, you got me f-cked up and i’m feelin it more
never had a mis-tress dis-tressed before
oh come on ma, like it ain’t that deep
like ain’t no love there, like i don’t hate that i gotta creep
we go to sleep in each others arms (yea!)
and i feel like this is where i belong
if lovin you is right then i ain’t wrong
this is the same ol’ song, wife and fam
gotta be a father and husband but i’m still yo’ man, baby


[monica + (dmx)]
this situation’s getting critical (uh-huh!)
i watch so many tears fall (uh-huh!)
i know she’s not what you want (uh-huh!)
so why you keep on holding on? (grrrrr)
when i’m right here (what!)
all you need to do is call (what!)
don’t be afraid (yea!)
cause she won’t know at, alllllllll

[chorus – repeat 2x w/ ad libs]

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