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lirik lagu don’t let them – ashanti

say that you want me
say that you’ll never leave me
you gotta tell me you need me
don’t let them take your love away
[repeat 2x]

some say that i am a fool to love you
and some say that i’m to dumb to know whats right for me
but only i can live my life, and only i can feel my heart ache
i never claim to know know everything but i know when your loves away
i can’t sleep and i can’t eat and i can’t live and i can’t breathe
so don’t make a fool of me, just love me

[chorus 2x]

now they say that me loving you will hurt me
and they say its a matter of time before you break my heart
but even when were far apart i always feel that you are with me
i hope and pray almost everyday that our love never goes away
cuz i can’t see where i would be without your love all over me
so don’t make a fool of me just love me and say

[chorus 2x]

baby your all, all that i need, need in my life, right here with me
[repeat 2x]


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